Great Balls on Fire


Hear them clang. And on fire!

Isn’t it rather great that the only person who has the balls to take on Trump doesn’t have any balls?

It’s obvs that Nancy deserves some honorary balls.

The Academy of Scrotum Awards: Come to the Ball.

And the scrotum goes to…Nancy Pelosi, for acting as if she has balls.

“Nancy, how did you prepare for this role?”

“Well, I knew the part required some balls. At least, in a man’s world it does. At first, I was going to borrow some from my male colleagues in Washington. Unfortunately, all their balls are suspended in vice grips at home. You know, I always thought Democratic balls were a better ball than GOP balls. Nope. They’re just a little warmer and fuzzier to the touch.”

“So I grew a pair and decided to stand up like a…um…man?”

“Oh, I ate a lot of pasta too, but didn’t gain any weight.”

“Can a woman really be tough without balls? I mean, how can you be tough and hold on to your femininity.”

“When a man wonders those things, I take his balls in my right hand and squeeze very hard. Look for the answers to those questions within the pain.”

“I’d like to thank…”

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