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Con Chapman has been with Humoroutcasts.com since 2013.  Prolific (pretty much a post each day), funny and educational –we all learn so much for him even if a lot of what he shares is not true–Con is a truly talented writer and we are honored to have Con as an HO writer for so long. Check out his Amazon page for his books. And check out his  HO page  for all his posts.

BIO:  Con Chapman is a Boston-area writer, author of fifty books of humor including Scooter & Skipper Blow Things Up! (Cover by Sage Stossel) by

Humor Outcasts Press .  His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The Christian Science Monitor.  He is the author of The Year of the Gerbil, a history of the ’78 Red Sox-Yankees pennant race, and two novels, CannaCorn and Making Partner.

His biography of Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington’s long-time alto saxophone player, will be available from Oxford University Press this summer.

He is an “empty nester” who enjoys spending time with his wife and Skippy, his pet komodo dragon.  His hobbies include barrel-jumping and collecting grievances.


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    1. Thanks Paul. I’d like to write a Volume II but since my kids are now in their 30’s, they resent my tagging along on their play dates.

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