J-Lo and A-Rod aka J-Rod

We may have to file this one under oh no, say it isn’t so.  But rumors are spreading that A-Rod and J-Lo aka J-Rod, might not make it to the Alter.  This would make winners, out of the people who picked, ‘They Don’t Even Make It To The Altar’ in our ‘How Long Will Their Marriage Last’ pool.  Unfortunately for these winners, there’s more than one of them, so the pot will have diminishing returns.  But the best part of winning a bet is, being right.  The money you count up afterwards, only confirms it.  The official story coming out of their respective camps is A-Rod had too many nice things to say about Kylie Jenner or maybe it was Kendall Jenner but whichever one it was, the nice things he said, did not sit well with J-Lo.  Of course since we go where the rest of the media fears to tread, we know the real reason.  Our sources tells us that J-Lo gets up in the morning and since she has an empire to run, recording, performing and many products to pitch and a family two kids, she hits the ground running.  She doesn’t get around to kissy pooh until sometime after dinner.  She might like a little in the afternoon from time to time but hey she’s got a lot to do.  A-Roids on the other hand, is a too old to play anymore ex-New York Yankee and he gets up in the morning with not much to do.  He is also used to groupies and other assorted admirers.  So when he wakes up in the morning and we have to put this politely as this is a family channel but when he gets up in the morning, he expects service.

And he doesn’t want to do it himself like he’s some minor leaguer.  So there is this tension between them.  You can only imagine.

So if J-lo thought for a moment that either Kylie or Kendall might be inclined to provide some service, not that either of them would ever do such thing but if J-Lo just thought it, well…  You get the picture.  But we wish them the J-Rods well.  We hope this all works out and they make it to the Altar and even beyond.  And, it’s not because yours truly here Editor and Chief of this enterprise happened to pick four years in the ‘How Long Will Their Marriage Last Pool’.  Anyone, who thinks that, should be ashamed of themselves.

Vera enim simile est

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