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True news item – ‘Satellites Detect California Cow Burps- A Major Methane Source From Space!” And they are CALIFORNIA cow burbs. They are probably laced with pot fumes…..


Saudi Arabia is furious that the U.S. did not respond quicker to Houthi rebel attack last year.
Yeah, well, we in the U.S. have been mad a lot longer over Saudi piloted planes flying into the Twin Towers, oh, heck, when was that? Oh yeah! 911!!!!!!!


Russian religious patriarch tells his sheeple that “Russia didn’t attack anyone!”

“No, they just wandered over the border to do some hunting……..WITH MILITARY GRADE ARTILLERY!!!” Also, wouldn’t it be great if they were to add into the Russian version of the Ten Commandments an eleventh law stating “Thou Shalt Not Lie”? (Of course then the whole government would fall apart……)


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has announced an investigation into who leaked the planned provisional vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade abortion law because it “undermined the integrity of our operations.”

Hmmm- I would say that your integrity was undermined already BY DOING IT IN SECRET in the first place!!! Wouldn’t you say???


Dave Chappelle is tackled on stage while performing at the Hollywood Bowl.
I tell you, that Will Smith is really getting out of hand these days!!!!!


Republicans are concerned about the breach of security at the Supreme Court over the leaked info about overturning Roe/Wade.
However, many of the rest of us are concerned about the reach of connivery at the Supreme Court……..


Trump states it would be a hard race for Pence should the former Vice-President choose to run for President in 2024.
Of course it would, Mr. Former Pseudo-President- you would be kneecapping him the whole time!


Putin has said that humanitarian corridors out of the steel works at Mariupol are open and functioning despite what Ukraine and western media states.
Of course, what Putin considers to be human is different than most people’s due to the fact that he isn’t one himself.

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