The Poetry Of Donald Trump

Trump Poetry-

I must say myself my poetry is fine, in fact is is on the order of divine!

It is muchly richer than fine wine, or any diamond that you could mine.
So please read these words of mine, savoring each and every line.

And when finished with this tome so flash, be sure to send me some “Thank You!” cash!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wrote a book, then I wrote three

The new living Shakespeare I wanted to be

I wrote down all the things

   That from my mind were dribbling

And paid someone else

   To do all the scribbling.

They all were best-sellers

   And I’ll take the credit

Of course I am the publisher 

   Even though I never read it.

I’m an accomplished author
  Such an literary pundit

Should one ever take a loss
  I’ll let my followers fund it!


I always wanted a Princess my body to caress
She of course would have to be very special for such royalty as me

So I traveled the east of Europe to find my Cinderella
One lovely and refined enough for I am such a fine fella

My Dadeoo’s money tempted many a fine honey

I could hardly keep them away so strong was my bantering bray

The Slavic girls love riches and are the opposite of American bitches

They make an obedient wife that makes for an easy life.

First I captured Ivana’s sweetness a lovely Czechoslovakian
And lived in near marital bliss then traded her in for something Slovenian

Melania was feminine fatale a truly vampish doll

My chemistry started to spike when I saw what she looked like 

When wearing not even a stitch I hurried up and got hitched.


I have such a magnificent brain

So much that it’s hard to explain

How one could be so wonderfully bright

And yet the press thinks that it’s trite

And hound me eternal

With a meanness that’s infernal.

It gives me great strife
And also upsets my wife 

When they call me a ‘halfwit’
Which I know is half of a ‘fullwit’
(That proves that I’m smart
And not just some dumb fart!)



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