Things That Will Smith Has Publicly Smacked Me Upside The Head For

Mentioning to him that if he didn’t start taking more showers that he would be better known as the “Rank Prince Of Bel-Air”.

That I wished someone would stuff him back in that Aladdin bottle so I didn’t have to listen to him jabber anymore.

When I commented to him that “wasn’t he already a “Men In Black” without even putting on a suit?

When I asked him how his wife Jada got so big in the movie “The Nutty Professor” when it was actually Eddie Murphy.

When I asked him to please give me “Six Degrees Of Separation” when he was singing his rap songs.

When I asked him if his wife got her inspiration for the movie “Bad Moms” from raising Jaden.

When I mentioned that I had a hard time recognizing him from Jared Leto as The Joker in the movie “Suicide Squad”.

When I mistook Whoopie Goldberg for him in the “Made In America” movie.

When I asked him which alien he played in the “Men In Black II” movie.

When I asked him during the filming of “Wild Wild West” if he was playing Kunta Kinte because he had that big metal ring around his neck.

When I commended him on his role playing “Bugger Vance” when he was actually “Bagger Vance.”

When I mentioned to him that the title of his movie “Collateral Beauty” was probably not referring to him.

When I mentioned to him that throughout the whole movie “Concussion” he acted like he had one himself.

When I mentioned it to him that I thought it was an excellent, genius casting choice when they picked his wife Jada to play the hippopotamus in the film “Madagascar”.

When I asked him if he got his “con man” talent for the movie “Focus” from his real life experiences.

When I told him I really wanted to see his wife in the movie “Girl’s Strip” which I didn’t know was actually tites “Girl’s Trip”. (And here I was all excited to see her in it!)

That with him being in half the movies made since the year 2000  and his wife having made millions being in movies and having gotten his son in a number of his own films that maybe they should step aside and let other actors have a  chance at some of them.
(That got me a total smack down!)

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