Landlord Jokes

Landlord jokes.

How did the  millionaire landlord get his start?

By renting out Port-a-Potties as one bedrooms with toilet.


What did the  landlord call renting a Tuff shed on an island in the town creek?
A waterfront property.


How did the landlord renting an old mine shaft advertise it as being?

South facing property with space for additions.


What is a trench to a US landlord?
An unfurnished basement room.


What did the landlord call a studio missing a roof?

Apartment with skylight.


How many US landlords does it take to screw in a lightbulb in a tenants apartment?

One to put an ad in the paper for someone, one to send someone to get a ladder and one to explain to the illegal immigrant doing the work how to screw in a lightbulb.


Why did the modern day landlord tear down the old house on a property and put in a storage facility?

You can make a lot more money packing tenants like sardines into storage lockers than you can packing them into a house.


Why did the millionaire landlord allow people to camp in tents for $1000 a month on his 10 acre property?

It offered him a constant source of cheap labor.


What is the difference between an expensive New York apartment and a Jackson Hole apartment?

The New York apartment comes with free rats included.


What is the difference between a vampire and an American landlord?

A vampire won’t come out in the middle of the day to suck you dry.


What did the landlord do when an irate tenant paid his rent in pennies?

Used the pennies as material to build a self-standing two bedroom.


Why would Scrooge never live in the US?

He knows the landlords here are worse than he himself ever was and that the Christmases of Past, Present and Future would have nothing to do with them.


For what would a US landlord trade his soul to the Devil for?

For a chance to be a Tokyo landlord and make even more money.


What did the Amerian landlord call the tram ski gondolas that he leased to rent out in the summer?

Studios with elevator.


What term did the  landlord use to describe the small house he built out of cardboard boxes?

Recycled housing.

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