Dear MAGA People,

First off, please note that I wrote ‘people’ with a capital ‘P’ on the front as a sign of respect, but I fully realize that is probably lost on you since you do not have a very good idea of what ‘respect’ really means. You only have a dim idea floating around in your brains that it is somehow associated with ‘authority’ which is something you would kill to get.

So, I just wish to point out several things that the Donald Trump cult (or institution as it now seems to be) is overlooking or doesn’t seem to understand (yes, there are things that you do not understand; just bear with me please instead of having a fit). 

The first is that although Donald Trump (hereafter referred to as ‘The Don’ which is somehow greatly appropriate. Sith Lord would be more appropriate but you don’t get science fiction so we will just let that slide) is your newfound Lord and Saviour he does have some aspects of his character and personality that could stand a little more observation. You all (excuse me if I use your idioms…….no, I did not say ‘idiot’; I said ‘idioms’) have come to think of him as a combination of father figure, fairy Godfather, hell-raising Good Ol’ Boy, utterer of eternal truths, mental, physical, political and business god, the ultimate of masculinity, strongman, godman, superman, authoritative author, super salesman, political pioneer, TV star, and possessor of more knowledge than Google or God and even Elon Musk in that order; but I think you have to tone that image down a bit……..just a little bit; I know this is a sensitive subject for you and am treading lightly.

I have to sadly inform you that he is just a man and subject to many of the foibles that many men have……..please stop screaming and put your guns back away; I am miles away from you and this is the Internet where bullets cannot reach me. He has flaws just like so many men and women have in our world, in fact most of us do. See, I included myself in that category; does that make it easier to digest? ……I didn’t think so.

He seems to have become the Working Class Hero. I hate to tell you this (actually, on reflection, I don’t) but he is a guy who had the luck to be born into a rich family and got so used to an incredibly high level of wealth that he cannot live without it. He will do anything, ANYTHING, to maintain his status quo (‘status quo’ means level of incredible riches) including supporting destructive riots at the very symbol of America (the Capital Building in case you have forgotten) lying about every conceivable threat to his stature, draining peoples bank accounts to support his causes and putting up any sort of fake front necessary to keep a mob supporting him.

Unfortunately I have to reveal to you that The Don is the last person to be a Working Class Hero, he has a dim idea of what the working class is all about. He has probably never washed his own dishes, never fixed anything on his house, never used a shovel, never used a power tool and never done anything in any way resembling physical labor. He has always had a servant standing by to do that for him. And good chance some of them were illegal aliens. Yes, you read that right. They were more than likely his cheap labor source until he became President at which point they magically in his mind changed to drug dealers, prostitutes and vicious thieves. 

In other words, he has no idea what it is like to work with his hands.

He has no idea what it is like to work for hourly wages.

He has no idea what it is like to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

He has no idea what it is like to not be able to afford hospitalization, rent, car accidents,

raising a family and all the other numerous burdens that beset a person trying to survive in modern work-a-day America.


I will stop for a minute to let that soak in.


Ok, ready?

Good. To give this man attention, money, acclaim, honor, or any of the many other things he craves is to be feeding a never ending satisfied hunger. He will never have enough fame, money, prestige, women or any of the other vices that his type craves. 


And he will drain you like a vampire with an endless thirst. 

And it is you he needs to get his way.

Dwell on that as you go to sleep tonight.

Pleasant nightmares!

Protest, Demonstration, Rally, People

By: Tim Green


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