HOPress – Ed Friedman “I Will Not Be Ignored” Interview and Podcast

Our guest on this episode is Ed Friedman who is the author of I Will Not Be Ignored available in Paperback and Kindle.  You can learn more about Ed’s work and plays on his website edwrite1.com

I Will Not Be Ignored combines fiction, non-fiction, and opinion to create a humorous take on three aspects of the author’s thinking: his outlook on the proliferation of “current wisdom” so plentiful in the internet age; his imaginings, providing multiple answers to different versions of “what if?”, and his personal experience in navigating his own shortcomings, failures, and fears.

During our conversation, Ed Friedman discusses his background growing up in the Bronx and his journey into the arts. We also talk about his inspiration for writing, particularly focusing on humor as a coping mechanism and its impact on readers. Interestingly, Ed also talks his involvement in founding a nonprofit which promotes arts education for older adults. The importance of community engagement and creative aging is highlighted throughout the interview.

You can find the Billy Dees Podcast on all the major podcasting platforms. For your convenience, a Spotify player is below in this post. Additionally, there is a YouTube link for the video version of the podcast. As always, a big thank you and shout out to Donna Cavanagh for arranging the interview.

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