Peanut Brittle Prices Soar as Ozarks New Center of US

GUM CREEK, Mo. Clell Fulsom, a crawdaddy fisherman and long-time postmaster of this town of 230, is mildly surprised when this reporter tells him it would be considered “tacky” in other parts of America to park a dilapidated truck in one’s front yard for parts, as he has done.

Crawdaddy: Mini-lobster of the Midwest


“Huh,” he says, unimpressed. “Looks like the rest of the country has some catchin’ up to do with us on a lot of things.”

You have to admit, it could come in handy.


Fulsom is referring to a report released this week by the US Census Bureau that the mean center of population in America is now Plato, Missouri, an Ozarks village with a population of 109. “It’s a quiet little town,” Fulsom says as he scratches the scalp beneath his Dekalb Seed Corn plastic “gimme” cap. “‘Course people there aren’t as sophisticated as us, since we got us a post office.”

Tasteful Ozark outhouse collectible.


Commodities markets reacted strongly, with contracts for December delivery of peanut brittle, a staple of Ozarks gift shops, rising sharply. “I’m wary of inflation trends at work in today’s economy,” said legendary investor Warren Buffet. “A dollar can decline in value, but a genuine Ozark outhouse collectible is a joy forever.”

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