The Ferret-Racing Corrections Department

The name of the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association was incorrectly given as the Upper Wharefedale Fell Rescue Association in a Page One article Thursday about ferret racing.

The Wall Street Journal

Ferret-racing fever — catch it!


In a listing of past winners of American Hot Rod Association Championships, Donald Glenn Garlits’ nickname was given as “Big Ferret.” Mr. Garlits is known to racing fans around the world as “Big Daddy.” Ferret Breeders Monthly regrets its error.


In the article “American Sports Heroes of the 20th Century” the ferret “Tricky Trev” was described as a winner of horse racing’s “Triple Crown,” the Preakness Stakes, the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. “Tricky Trev” is a ferret, and thus ineligible to race in horse racing’s Triple Crown. He is a past winner of ferret racing’s Triple Crown, the Gas Pipe Stakes, the Commando Crawl, and the Sewer Pipe Stakes. Ferret Racing Digest apologizes for any confusion caused by its error.

In the February edition of the New England Journal of Genealogy ferrets were referred to as members of the Saltonstall family, related to the Cabots and the Lowells. Ferrets are in fact members of the Mustelid family, and related to badgers and polecats. The Journal regrets any embarrassment to ferrets that this inadvertent comparison to old-line Boston families may have caused them.

Saltonstall: “Don’t leave me hangin’ bro — “


In the article “Great Unsolved Murders” that appeared in the January edition of True Ferret Crime Paul the Ferret was identified as a possible suspect in the murders attributed to The Boston Strangler. Paul the Ferret was incarcerated for the murder of six hens at the Craven Arms in Appletreewick, England during the early 1960s, and thus has an airtight alibi. In all other respects the story was accurate.

Kentucky Derby (yawn)


A story in the December issue of Turf Monthly transposed the pictures of Don Prince, Jr., owner of the Prince Racing Stable found guilty of doping horses with banned anabolic steroids, and Louie the Ferret, a member of the Ferret Racing Hall of Fame. Mr. Ferret uses only abolic, not anabolic steroids.

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