Does the Government Have a Secret Weapon that Causes Natural Disasters?

The shaking and rattling is not quite over and already conspiracy theorists are lining up to give their version of why the Virginia-centered earthquake hit.  And before I go on with this, let me tell you that you can forage through all these theories from people who rely on a wide variety of sources for their knowledge, but if you don’t have time to dig through all the “evidence” of the conspiracies, you can just go to You Tube.  As we all know, if it’s on You Tube, it must be true.

You Tube has hundreds of videos on how the US government’s experiments with radio waves have altered weather patterns, caused natural disasters and succeeded in controlling the minds of moods of unsuspecting people.  What are these experiments?  Well, Google:  HAARP conspiracy or just plain HAARP and you will find out. In a nutshell it goes like this:  The government is responsible for the Virginia earthquake along with the recent earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand, Haiti and Japan not to mention every other misfortune that has occurred throughout the globe. The reason for implementing evil science: power. Allow me to say that I have an open mind, but when conspiracy theorists get their own Facebook group and produce third-rate You Tube videos to prove their point, they make my brain and stomach hurt which forces me to shut the door on all their ideas.

But lots of people do believe these theories. Many of them look for these conspiracies because they cannot accept the randomness of the Earth and universe and they don’t trust the government – and that I totally understand.  I guess to help you make up your mind, we should take a brief look at HAARP and why all the controversy.

Started in 1993, The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is a scientific endeavor that studies the properties and behavior of the ionosphere with the purpose of understanding how it could be used to enhance communications and surveillance systems. It is a cooperative effort between the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Researched Projects Agency or DARPA. The HAARP complex is situated on a 23-acre lot in a relatively isolated region near the town of Gakona, Alaska. When the final phase of the project was completed in 1997, the military had erected 180 towers that were 72 feet in height that formed a “high-power, high frequency phased array radio transmitter” capable of beaming in the 2.5-10 megahertz frequency range, at about 3,981MW.

So, the conspiracy theory people purport that HAARP uses radio waves to not only bring about natural disasters such as earthquakes, but uses them also to experiment with mind control.  The anti-HAARP people or those who believe in the conspiracies, also say that there is visual proof of HAARP’s activities right before natural disasters. Apparently, there are charts and aura type manifestations that show HAARP’s activities. Some conspiracy theorists point to the origins of this HAARP technology and patents filed in the early 1900s which show the government’s interest in this research.

Yes, there are books, a million websites and political commentary about the evil origins of HAARP and why it exists today, and on the other end there is the HAARP website that is so blah and benign, it makes me wonder what they are hiding  because no government research program can be that vanilla and that innocent.

Hey, I admit to not being a scientist so my mind is open especially since this project sits in the middle of Sarah Palin country where so many weird things can happen. Plus, technology is a tool, so it is plausible that it can be used for selfish reasons and political gains. Do I believe that HAARP is behind global warming and climate change?  No, I believe we did that to ourselves and it’s up to us to fix it.  As far as fabricating earthquakes and natural disasters, I don’t see why the US would destroy so much and then hand over billions to help countries get back on track. If our goal was to destroy, why help out later?

Anyway, along with all the many, many people who believe in the HAARP agenda I ran across a lot of counter arguments for the HAARP conspiracy.  Since, I don’t plan on spending my life going through each one, I am going to go with Pervez Hoodbhoy, a  Physics professor in Islamabad who I thought explained the non-conspiracy argument in very simple terms plus he does not appear to be a big fan of the US, so I thought his arguments had to be somewhat  balanced.

Hoodbhoy says that weather change simply cannot be caused by HAARP’s radio waves. The effects of a puny 3.6MW radio transmitter on the ionosphere can only be detected with sensitive instruments.  He also says that radio waves cannot move massive tectonic plates and cause earthquakes. The only way the waves can affect the plates is if they are used to tickle awake a subterranean monster and in so doing, the movement of the monster would move the plates.  To be honest, I sort of wished this theory were true because I would love to see the You Tube video of the monster.  I guess it would look sort of like the Godzilla movies where the prehistoric monster stomps around Tokyo.

Anyway, back to HAARP.  I know people love to find conspiracies in everything, but sometimes there are not evil forces out to destroy the earth and our enemies. I don’t see the point of causing natural disasters.  An earthquake in any country is now a global event that impacts all of us negatively.  Do I think that there are evil mad scientists out there? Yes, I do–just as there are evil postal workers and evil nurses and evil teachers and evil writers.  Every human being has the potential to do evil, and you would have to get a lot of evil people on board to not only develop natural disaster technology but to keep it secret. And no offense to all the conspiracy researchers out there,  but if it was that big a secret, I don’t think you could get your smoking gun proof just by using Google and your laptop.


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5 thoughts on “Does the Government Have a Secret Weapon that Causes Natural Disasters?”

  1. Yes the Government does have Secret Weapons that Cause Natural Disasters? And some that are not so natural.
    There is the tried tested and very successful S Palin bomb; this is very effective against large crowds of people once it goes off (speaks) everyone within hearing distance or even listening on the radio or TV is sent into a state of utter confusion that can last for days and in some cases even weeks.

  2. Evil writers you say? Well as one of the “evil” I’ve looked into this conspiracy theory about causing earthquakes. And when I say “looked into” what I mean is “I did no research what so ever”. My thoughts are as follows, the purpose of any “evil” is basically to either make money or get laid. So if anyone is behind the earthquakes, it’s someone who’s making money off of them, or showing off so they can get laid. Since the government already has those two things covered, it can’t be them. I’d be looking at the grad students from University of Alaska. You just know they’d be doing something like that. 😉

  3. And here I thought it was Al Gore and the liberal Democrats who were creating the global warming “myth” so they could all somehow profit from it. It turns out that it’s the same old nemesis that is the cause of all our ills – the gubbermint. But only the one run by liberal Democrats and Al Gore.

    1. and just so you know, the HAARP is also responsible for spreading disease and mayhem as well. And of course, there are several scientists on board that have made a mint writing books – scientists who have been fired from jobs because of their very wild beliefs.

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