The Morning Routine…

I’m in the shower when I realize that I threw my washcloth in the hamper last night. Naturally, I didn’t put one in the shower to replace it because that requires forethought… which I lack due to my being male.

JB: “Baby, can you grab me a washcloth?”

GF: *comes into the bathroom and starts searching the linen closet*

GF: “We don’t have any… I think they are all dirty. Hold on.”

GF: *she leaves the room and comes back a minute later*

GF: “Here you go…”

JB: “Sweetheart, this is a dishcloth. I am not a dish.”

GF: “…it’s all we have, we need to do laundry today.”


GF: “Sure.”

JB: “I know this because you are not in here washing me.”

GF: “I missed you… welcome back to Denver.”

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One thought on “The Morning Routine…”

  1. My morning routine usually revolves around a string of insults followed by a string of objects thrown by the beautiful lady in my life but hey, that’s what the bullet proof vest is for!

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