A new trend: Insta-shaming!

In recent months, dog-shaming has become an Internet fad, where dog-owners take photos of their pets next to handwritten notes of what the animal has done wrong, from the point of view of the pet.

Worse yet is kid-shaming, also known as, “Things kids will tell their therapists someday.”

I don’t get why animals and children need to be shamed when they don’t really know what they’re doing. That’s why I recently started Insta-shaming my adult friends who fail to meet me on time for scheduled outings because failing to meet friends on time is something to be shameful of.

Post a photo to Instagram, and you’ve got yourself a world of minor-but-amusing adult embarrassment.

My friend and her boyfriend are late to brunch:

Caption: “Enjoying conversation with Bethany and Josh.”

Same friend, different location. This time Bethany is late to pick me up for a gallery crawl.

Caption: “Chatting with Bethany”

This time, two friends are late meeting me at a bar.

Caption: “Perry’s hilarious. Love talking to him about apartheid.”

So people should lay off the shaming of animals and kids and shame their friends instead. Or what’s left of their friends.

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4 thoughts on “A new trend: Insta-shaming!”

  1. Love this! A fabulous idea, so long as you don’t showcase my tardiness the next time we meet. No, wait! You and Zach were late for our last lunch… LOL.

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