A Social Media Slap Down

Everywhere I turn, social media experts tell me that as an author I must “build my platform.” I’m trying, I really am. But some attempts make me stop and scratch my head.

The other day, I saw that a friend of mine who worked as an undercover investigator for an animal welfare group posted on Reddit in the “IAmA” section where you post your job and profile and anyone can ask you questions. He got hundreds of responses (as well he should, he’s a very interesting guy).

So I thought, “why not build my author platform on Reddit?” Voila! I posted my profile: “I Am Robin Lamont, a Broadway actress with a hit song, turned private investigator, turned NY prosecutor, turned novelist.”

I was happy to receive about a dozen questions. However, by the next day I realized that I was clearly ho-hum in the world of Reddit. Not only had Reddit users stopped contacting me, but they had found others much more interesting.

Here are a few that received far more attention that I did:

* I have worked the last 5 years in a warehouse, ask me anything about pallets and pallet storage.
* My dad was left for dead after being hit with an ax over and over by an ex-convict trying to rob our apartment in Russia.
* I have one testicle, ask me anything.
* I Am a Costco employee.

The message here: if you work in a warehouse and need to “build your platform” on social media, Reddit is the place to go!

In the meantime, come visit me on my website www.robin-lamont.com. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “A Social Media Slap Down”

  1. Well, Shakespeare started out as an actor from some hick town nobody ever heard of. If you believe the latest research, he even talked funny. He finally figured out that he was better at writing plays than being in them, and built his career that way.

    If good old Will were alive today, he’d probably be ignored by everybody at first, until he won his first Tony Award.

  2. Unfortunately, Reddit followers only like you if they perceive you to be under 25 or a person who has not gone beyond the 7th grade. That is my social media expert analysis of this site. LOL I did ask you a question on there so I am sorry if that goofed up your stats!

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