And You Thought It’s Just Lunch

Picture this: you’re sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant, enjoying a First Date. The woman facing you seems smart and interesting. She has a good job and great teeth. Things are going well, but then she asks “So what is your credit score?”

This is actually happening and it’s been all over the news lately. Apparently, an up-front inquiry into a potential mate’s credit-worthiness is a growing trend in online dating. Many people bemoan this development, claiming that romantic relationships should be based on shared interests and chemistry. But I think this new trend is great, at least for the recipient of the awkward question. Here’s why:

1) People obsessed with finances are anal. Anal people are usually boring. So, getting hit with the credit score question saves you from the prospect of a grueling marital life dominated by soul-crushing boredom. Posing the question is like shooting a badly injured horse in the head – it’s a difficult but generous act of mercy.

2) If someone is prying into your life this early on, just imagine the level of prying that will occur once you’re a couple (and your partner no longer has to worry about making a good impression). Who was that on the phone? Where have you been? You’re not going shopping again, are you? This is the inquisition you will face. That blunt and awkward credit inquiry at Le Petite Dejeuner has saved you from this hell.

3) When someone asks what your credit score is, you can unleash a sleazy grin, wink, and then say “Sixty-nine.”

The person asking you this question is like a captain turning off the Seatbelts Required sign. You are now free to get up and start moving about the Cabin Of Love. And since your worthiness has nothing to do with your credit-worthiness, you are once again free to enjoy your flight.

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7 thoughts on “And You Thought It’s Just Lunch”

  1. In my day, you were lucky if you ended up with someone who made a good living at something legal, was reasonably good looking, had decent personal hygiene and didn’t have any embarrassing habits. Of course, if the person had financial problems you wanted to know about it, but you found out in sneakier ways than coming right out and asking.

  2. If I was on a date with a woman who asked about my credit score, I don’t think I’d me massively impressed. A woman with bigger balls than me is just not gonna work!

  3. Asking about credit score on the first date is so 2012. I say, “If you like me you’ll give me your pin numbers!” 😉

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