DMV Goof Opens Pathway for Females in Major League Baseball

In what’s been called an error by his local DMV, Arizona Diamondback’s newly acquired pitcher, Brandon McCarthy has shown the way that may allow women into what to date has been a male-dominated sport – Major League Baseball.


Brandon McCarthy’s driver’s license says he’s a female.

The Diamondbacks’ newest pitcher apparently took care of getting his license renewed over the holiday break. There was just one problem, though: The local DMV got its letters mixed up.

While McCarthy’s license correctly states that he’s 6-foot-7 and has hazel eyes (we think), the easy party — male or female — appears to have gotten adjusted during the renewal process. McCarthy’s wife, Amanda, was all over it.     SOURCE  


Yes ladies.  For the price of a sex change you talented athletes who have been shamed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and who, with an increase in testosterone could likely out-catch, out-pitch and out-hit many of your male counterparts, can now be earning those big bucks that some of the male prima donnas do.

To my knowledge there is nothing in the by-laws of major league baseball that make players who have had sex changes ineligible.  And think how you’ll be able to play grab ass in the locker room without anyone feeling guilty about body parts.  Sexual harassment will be non-existent but constrain any effeminate behavior you still possess lest you be disparaged for being gay.

Hey! If Caster Semenya can invade the world of women’s track and field what’s to stop women from doing the same with male-dominated baseball?

Is she or isn’t he?
Women’s (?) track and field star Caster Semenya.  Is she or isn’t he?



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