Another Important Use of the Spell Checker

Just as I suppose my parents lamented the arrival of the digital watch, which softened my generation’s ability to read an analog watch or a sundial, and their parents lamented the arrival of the calculator which rendered the family abacus obsolete, I have come to hate the spell checker. I had naively thought that this device was for double-checking ourselves to see if something had an “e” or an “a” in it. But it turns out that its use has gone very far beyond that singular purpose.

I noticed the problem some time ago when watching my son typing in Microsoft Word. He would frequently half-ass spell a word (sometimes not even completing it), see the red underline, and then right-click to select the correct word. And my son is actually a good speller. But it appears to me that he views this method as allowing him to put in less effort than the traditional just-spell-the-word-correctly-in-the-first-place method. The spell checker is now not just a verifier of spelling, but something which saves keystrokes. Which can be important when you are laying sideways on your chair with your legs on your sister’s chair, reaching up to the keyboard like you’re executing the Australian crawl in the pool.

Aye had never herd of oar scene this offal method, and first it maid me half to pull out my hare. I thought it would ant bee kneaded since I assumed he wood have bin the air two my spelling jean. Once I got over my discussed a bout this spelling manor, I found it a bit humerus. I sea that he’s jest trying knot two waist any letters. I guess heal keep doing this baste on his through results. It was quite a feet. It’s bettor than him sitting idol, and it mite keep hymn from a sorted tail of becoming a cereal killer at leased. Know harm, no fowl. Whatever lightens his lode. It’s the leased I could dew.

And I am starting to think this might be a bettor weigh, and I mite ad it too my repertoire. In fact, I used this mowed to right this article and it seems like it worked grate! The spell checker says I don’t knead to altar a thing. I even red it allowed to my wife and she says it sounds as good as was build. Aisle take that as a good sine. Who nose how long I’ve been missing out on this? This will be a steak in the hart for the idea of spelling being taut in school. Good thing I hadn’t yet suede him to study that coarse. But it was reel clothes. And for that, as a groan man, I shell fall on my soared. I resolve to be whey less hostel about this, and maybe even feel sum pried.

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