Nobody could ever take her award away and nobody even tried.

She was happy and why wouldn’t she be. She had just won an award with English actor, model, musician, and producer Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson; he the star of film adaptations of the literary masterpieces Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. She was younger than he but sometimes age has as much relevance as Windows 8. Though their lives travelled different paths and their appeal to the consciousness of global audiences differed greatly, she would always have the award and for this, she would always be grateful:

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2 thoughts on “Nobody could ever take her award away and nobody even tried.”

  1. Poor Justin! He has a huge base of young teenage girl fans now, but everybody else thinks he looks like a girl.

    I predict that he will soon grow into a tall, masculine guy with a real baritone voice and beard stubble. Then nobody will say he looks like a girl anymore.

    The downside of that is that he will lose his fans, who will go on to the next effeminate-looking teenage idol who can carry a tune. Justin will have to go to work in a traditionally masculine occupation, like garage mechanic.

    1. I remember I used to mock Leo DiCaprio for looking like a girl but it turned out that he was a massively talented actor and the mocking soon stopped and I held my hand up and admitted I was massively wrong. For some reason, I just can’t see Justin turning into a massively talented singer unless she suddenly duets with Tom Waits or something.

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