Christian Mingle’s Sales Pitch?

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of emails from Christian Mingle inviting me to sign up for their free service because they want to find God’s match for me. Apparently, they think God does not approve of my husband.  I am very grateful that Christian Mingle has taken such an interest in my love life, but I thought unless you were a big time tele-evangelist, adultery was against the rules.  Maybe God doesn’t care who I am with as long I learn to shout out His name  over and over at the appropriate moment.

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7 thoughts on “Christian Mingle’s Sales Pitch?”

  1. I was just struck by the words that rhyme with “mingle”. So I propose a jingle for Christian Mingle, for all the singles to get their tingle without requiring Kris Kringle!

  2. Last time I tried to get a little action off a religious broad, you know what I got? NUN! BAHAHA!!!!

      1. Well, at least you know you are wanted. Even Christian Mingle doesn’t want me!

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