Does anyone know where I can get a cheaper than cheap 5th hand car?

I like to think that Jill Y is the brains behind the operation but sometimes she does something so mind numbingly off the wall, that it drives you to drink with Thirsty Dave. I’m as forgetful as the next person unless the next person is Jill Y and the next person to her is another me. I’ve been known to forget that I have to leave the pub and go home. One time, I forgot to pay the bills but the law reminded me quickly enough via the medium of solicitors letters. Sometimes I forget that I was put on this great planet of ours, to tell the good people of the world of the pathetic excuse for music that Bon Jovi create but then I remember. Jill Y was out exploring the shoe shops and forgot where she parked the car. We went to find it but I have a funny feeling she parked it somewhere she shouldn’t have:



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