Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 6

Check out part six in my series on life lessons from the movies…

Financial troubles are easily solved by a treasure hunt:

If anyone can get Sallie Mae off your back, it's this guy.

Recently I was asked if I was beginning to worry about the ever-growing mountain of debt the federal government refers to as my student loans, and thanks to GOONIES, I was able to answer that query with a confident “hell no.”

Seeing as how I learned everything I know from the movies I watched as a child, I am fully aware that when financial issues have you backed up against a wall, the smartest thing you can do is search through your attic for a treasure map, then proceed to climb down a hole with a deformed man-beast in a Superman t-shirt. Long story short, problem solved.

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2 thoughts on “Everything I know, I learned from movie shows: Part 6”

  1. What if you don’t live in a house with an attic? What if you don’t even live in your own house?

    Can we search for treasure in the garden, as long as we don’t dig up any prize flowers?

  2. Everywhere, people with student loans are rummaging their houses for the deformed face guy and treasure. I know I will sleep easier. I love this series! It is so good.

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