I Miss Mayberry

On Tuesday, July 3, 2012, one of North Carolina’s native sons, Andy Griffith passed away. Six years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Mount Airy aka Mayberry and visit the Andy Griffith Playhouse.  It was amazing being photographed next to this beautiful statue of Andy and Opie. Also amazing – me thinking these pants looked attractive.

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6 thoughts on “I Miss Mayberry”

    1. Okay now you’re being WAY too kind Bill! Those pants make me like like I should be riding a Hoveround and eating dinner at 3pm!Thank God I don’t remember what happened to them, LOL!

  1. I think those pants are kind of cute, colorful and cheerful looking.

    RIP, Andy Griffith. He will be missed.

    1. Kathy, you are way too kind about the pants!! They look like my grandmom’s old curtains but I guess they were fashionable at the time. Thanks for the compliment and yes he will be missed!

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