Motorized Scooters Do Not Do Escalators

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A woman attempted to drive her motorized scooter up  an escalator in a Boston subway station. During her misguided ascent, something went awry and the scooter toppled over and so did the woman.  A fellow escalator rider ran to the woman’s assistance and a subway worker was able to press the emergency STOP button. The woman was not injured, but she hasn’t talked to a lawyer yet, so that status might change.

I am going to be the mean person here. What the hell was she doing on an escalator with a motorized scooter especially when an elevator was less than 50 feet away? I know scooters can do a lot of things. I have seen the ads with the happy lady waving to the camera as she maneuvers her chair into an endless run of 360-degree turns, or the one where all the people in the neighborhood with scooters meet up and go for a ride – sort of a like the Hell’s Angels of Hoverounds, or the one with the two old people in their motorized scooters carefully perched at the lip of the Grand Canyon. Truthfully, that commercial sort of creeps me out. I am always expecting someone to sneak up on those two and shove them over the edge. The point is that I know motorized scooters are indeed an aid to adventure. But none of these commercials show anyone driving up an escalator.

This escalator story has a strange ending too. After the escalator was stopped, the woman got up and walked down the stairs without assistance. Could it be a miracle in the making?  Hard to tell. But rumor has it, Pat Robertson has convinced her to test her faith again by driving her scooter into Boston Harbor. If her wheels walk on water, scooters maybe become the vehicle of choice for those attending the Rapture.

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  1. LOL, you know my feelings about the scooter crowd!! They “drive” me nuts!

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