Over 68,000 single women starve to death every year.

Scurvy Jane is enjoying being a single lady again. For an amount of time, I like to call ‘one month and 43 days’, she was in a long-term relationship with Thirsty Dave but nothing lasts forever. In one way, they’re two very different people. Well, in lots of ways, they’re two very different people. The scurvy one is a skin diseased, Dermatologist with a penchant for facial and hand cream. The thirsty one is a fine purveyor of the drink known as alcohol and has been known to eat, sleep and drink the stuff, sometimes all at the same time. He’ll be okay because he always lands on his feet, when he picks himself up after his numerous falls. Scurvy Jane on the other hand needs to be careful as the very factual words in this picture, explain:

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8 thoughts on “Over 68,000 single women starve to death every year.”

  1. I’ll have you know that men (regardless of marital status) are good for killing bugs also.

  2. I’m happy to do my part! And, of course, I have to tighten the lid back on the jar after it’s opened, to restore the dependency! Or so Mary claims.

      1. Wow, I’ve never been good at two things before. There’s a strange, almost serene feeling of contentment, coursing through me right now. So this is what it feels like to be needed? I like it. I like it a lot. I like it so much that I’m going to make it my life’s work, to become good at a third thing. I know it won’t happen over night but maybe in a few decades.

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