Pat Robertson’s Presidential Conversation with God

Pat Robertson has announced that God has told him who will win the presidential election this fall.  However, God, who apparently likes to play games with us mortals, told Robertson that he is not allowed to reveal the outcome, but he could reveal that Barak Obama will not be the winner. Imagine that: Pat Robertson was able to predict that the Democratic nominee is not going to win and this holy proclamation has nothing at all to do with Robertson’s desire to slant the election to the ultra conservative Christian side.

I have to think this whole God-Robertson convo might backfire though.  If the election result is already known, why should the GOP candidates even campaign? Why should Obama for that matter?  Why wouldn’t God put a halt to the election entirely?  I’m a little baffled: Why is God wasting his time talking to Pat Robertson? If he was really intent on getting his message out, why not talk to the winning candidate and cut out the middle evangelist entirely?  I’m not sure, but I think it might be time for Pat Robertson to hang up his cross. I think it’s possible his earth-to- heaven direct line might have been crossed with the Psychic hotline.

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One thought on “Pat Robertson’s Presidential Conversation with God”

  1. No god who chooses Pat Robertson as his best friend deserves anyone’s worship, or even admiration. Hmmm…unless this whole thing is all just a ruse. Occam’s Razor, I guess.

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