Pornography Harms My Wrist

Gaining my respect is an expensive business. Along with the weekly subscription, there’s the initiation fee, the administrative fee and of course, the license fee. Many have tried and most have failed to prove that they have a proven track record in understanding and embracing nonsense to levels of total stupidity. One young man by the name of James Stafford, recently received the highest honor available. For reasons of anonymity, we’re going to call him ‘Jim Stafford’. This unnamed man, sent me a picture of himself in a picture. Not only did the picture contain the unnamed Jimmy Stafford, it contained an outrageous claim by a grown man who was dressed like a boy scout:

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6 thoughts on “Pornography Harms My Wrist”

  1. Oh, this has to be one of my favorite posts by you, Bill Y. How funny is the expression on the face of the overgrown boy scout? I love when judgmental people get dissed.

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