Putting Down Roots over Jesus’ Tomb

Archaeologists in Israel say they have discovered the tomb of Jesus which now lies underneath the basement of a condominium complex in a suburb of Jerusalem. This only goes to prove that anything is possible. If  Jesus can die a homeless and poor man but be resurrected as a property owner, just think what the rest of us can accomplish.

On the other hand, just look how ticked off Native American spirits get when people build houses on their graveyards. Imagine what Jesus might do now that an entire apartment complex has plopped itself on his space. A Jesus apparition could make all hell break loose, literally. However,  If I were him, I’d have some fun with this real estate mix up.  I would become the cool neighbor and invite my fellow residents over for a “water into wine” party or a “cure your ills” miracle session.  And as for the realtors, this would be absolute proof that  the best commissions are earned by following the age-old mantra: location, location, location.   I would think if Jesus owns the apartment underneath yours, your property values can only increase – even in today’s market.



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