When Adult Stars Go Political

Well, it seems as if Rick Santorum has suspended his presidential campaign. Theories abound as to what prompted the presidential wannabe to quit the race. There were rumors that Pennsylvania was going to loudly stomp on his ultra-right wing agenda humiliating him in front of the rest of the country, and there were rumors that God himself told him “Cease and Desist as you are giving me a bad name.”  But the true reason for the halt to his candidacy has finally come to light: Porn.

Yep, it seems that the Porn Stars of America were so outraged with his fight to end adult entertainment that they borrowed a page from the Wall Street Protestors’ book and initiated their own protest to voice their opposition to Santorum.

The protest would not have been a take-to-the-streets type of event. No, it was more of a do-this-at-your-own-pace event and it was to be called #Wankout2012.  I kid you not.  There was even a video airing explaining the porn political cause and how the everyday person could get involved at http://www.jest.com.  I will let you find the video on your own. It will be your reward for doing the research.

Now, I don’t want to hypothesize that #Wankout2012 had anything to do with Santorum dropping from the race, but it is a little coincidental that Santorum quit just as the porn people were set to air their concerns in such a colorful matter. And so, I guess we could say that the porn plight brought to light trumps the politician to the right once again.


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