Women Brawl at Boxer’s Funeral

A catfight broke out at the funeral of Hector “Macho” Camacho between two women who both claimed to be the deceased boxer’s “true” girlfriend. The brawl began when one woman was outraged at another woman who walked up to the casket and kissed Camacho’s body– an act she thought was reserved for her since she believed she was the boxer’s main squeeze.  Apparently, Camacho’s sisters agreed as well because they all weighed in with punches against the first woman, and the fight eventually required police intervention.  Sadly, there are lessons to be learned here:

1) Nothing good can come from kissing a dead body

2) If your boyfriend dies and he never told anyone else he was dating you, he’s not worth fighting for at his funeral

And most important,

3) Pepper spray and Kleenex can make mourning in public a bit easier.

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3 thoughts on “Women Brawl at Boxer’s Funeral”

  1. HAHAHAHA! If a guest can deck the bride at her reception, i.e. Philly brawl, then why not an all-out-drag-out at a funeral!! Now that’s reality television! 😉

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