A Story

Why does everybody want to be me? There’s only one Bill Y and for that you should be truly happy. Since when did it become cool to follow the guy who just can’t understand the absolute chaos of how magnets work? Why do you want to be associated with someone one who places more relevance on imagination than talent? Is the mainstream so bored that you now want to see how the other half barely lives? Why do you want to know my story? Here’s a glimpse into what makes up my story:


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8 thoughts on “A Story”

    1. Now I’m not one who condones violence of any sort but when there’s no-one around, I like to think that the girl who lost her head is the author of Twilight!

  1. Bill, you know we are always here for you when you need us, even if the only thing we succeed in doing is giving you more ideas for weirdness to write about.

  2. The romance of this story makes me want to weep, except for the floating head thing. I always knew that you were responsible for this legend Bill Y. Somehow, I knew! 🙂

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