Cathy Gainer’s Resentment Diary

Hey gang!  Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer here, with more  nuggets from my 72-point Gainer Guide.  Today I want to talk about journaling. It’s not just an assignment from your therapist anymore. It’s all the rage in the circles that I am not allowed into.  My future peers: The Oprah, Dwyer and of course my beautiful mountain of masculinity <shiver>Tony Robbins all advise keeping a journal.  They suggest writing down daily gratitudes.  As always, the Gainer System likes to be not only ahead of the curve, but circling  the roundabout as well.  I believe in logging resentments.

Anyone can wake up and reflect on their loved ones and happy life moments,but is that as motivating as  replaying the time you were pantsed  in the 6th grade locker room? I experience serenity when I start to appreciate flowers and fresh air, but reminding myself that people half as talented as me are twice as successful, really gets the old  heart racing.  Each morning I push those calming thoughts out of the way by jotting down memories of my sibling  getting more affection, encouragement and food than me.  I find that reminiscing about those who wronged me is more powerful than a robust cup of Sanka. The burning feeling  in your abdomen means that your journaling is working.

So tomorrow morning, in the wee hours of the day that was given to you, don’t think of it as a gift, think of it as an I Owe You. The world owes you one more sunrise, one more crack of dawn to breathe in and experience your indignation.

Until next time gang!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer



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