Dress For Success

According to the word on the street, when two women wear the same dress in the same location at the same time, a bitter chill fills the air. The first time I met Jill Y, was at the premiere of the 2005 film “The Island”. My favorite actor is Steve Buscemi and as luck would have it, Steve Buscemi was in that film and also there at the premiere that night. As luck would also have it, Jill Y was also there. As luck would also, also have it, Jill Y and another woman who happened to be wearing the same dress as her, accidentally happened to have a fall. I forgot about that night until I came across a picture of someone else wearing that very same dress:


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10 thoughts on “Dress For Success”

    1. I’m sure they all have but sure we’ll probably never see two in the same room!

  1. The face on the right looks a bit like Sylvester Stallone after a bad beat down in Rocky, Rocky 2,3,4,etc.

    1. There’s more chance of Steve Buscemi making a bad movie, dressed in his own dress, than that happening!

        1. People have been threatening to come to Ireland to take pictures of me for years now and it’s yet to happen! LOL

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