I Still Like Ike


Just how bad is the infighting in the GOP? It’s gotten so bad that they’re even going after the dead guys in their own party.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that last week’s budget bill temporarily blocks construction of a monument to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the Washington Mall. Apparently, conservative Republicans oppose the cost and design of the monument. So they added provisions to the budget bill to temporarily take away legal waivers needed to construct the memorial.

Representative Rob Bishop (R., Utah) had this to say: “We need to reset and look at a possible redesign.”

In fairness, you can see why Rob said this. The design is unusual. It’s a huge brass statue of Ike scowling, his teeth gnashing together. He’s got a fist in the air with his middle finger raised. And a callout bubble from his mouth reads “Hey Military Industrial Complex, Suck On This!”

That’s more Johnny Cash than Ike, the sane, moderate Republican. But I still think it’s the idea of honoring a moderate guy that the conservative wing dislikes. Either way, watching the GOP is a lot like watching your parents fight over the garden gnomes in Divorce Court — it’s absurd, but also funny in its pettiness.

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6 thoughts on “I Still Like Ike”

  1. Very funny!

    The GOP- held hostage by a pack of whackjobs the last few years- has let itself fall far from the example of Ike, Lincoln, and Teddy R. From the outside of the country, it’s been like watching a hostage standoff.

    And from the academic point of view, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Eisenhower. Outstanding general and president.

  2. Good Sense might not be dead, but it is, as Miracle Max would say, mostly dead.

    I love this post.

  3. Not that this has a whole lot to do with this Tom, but I will share: I saw a Happy Days rerun and it was the presidential election and Fonzie said, “I like Ike; My bike likes Ike!” Cracked me up. Great post by the way!

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