Prescription Sleep Aids May Cure Insomnia…Permanently

As an insomniac, I am awake during the middle of the night to see the brilliantly placed commercials for prescription sleep aids. Most of these drugs warn that one of their potential side effects may be depression that could lead to suicidal thoughts. Those thoughts could lead to suicide, which has the potential side effect of death. While I would love to sleep better at night, that is a little more rest than I was hoping to get.




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13 thoughts on “Prescription Sleep Aids May Cure Insomnia…Permanently”

  1. You could get so creative with a commercial for those prescriptions: Can’t sleep? Take some of this, can’t wake up, shouldn’t have taken some of this!

  2. Like listing all of those side effects is going to help me rest easier. Why don’t I hit my head with a brick. It’ll knock me out and I’ll just have a bump when I wake up. LOL!! 😉

  3. ahh. The eternal sleep.

    “All is calm in this eternal sleep; here grief forgets to groan and love to weep.” – Alexander Pope

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