Seth MacFarlane slammed for lame jokes about women. Whitney Cummings remains unscathed.

Some might say that Seth MacFarlane is probably not having a good day today, given that his Oscar-hosting duties are getting slammed by everyone from critics to the Jewish community to apparently women (it may be hard for him to find an Oscar date next year. . .).

Margaret Lyons at Vulture is pissed about MacFarlane’s jokes toward women, especially the musical number, “We Saw Your Boobs,” citing: “It’s dehumanizing and humiliating, and as if every single one of those jokes is an ostensibly gentler way of saying, ‘I don’t think you belong here.'”


Of course, women belong at the Oscars! If women weren’t there, there would be no “Fashion Police,” where a group of women discusses all of the actresses and celebrities in Hollywood with class and sophistication, never referring to Halle Barry’s genital region as her “kitty” or Helena Bonham Carter’s hair as “pubic” extensions.


Phew. I’m so glad that Seth MacFarlane’s malicious and unexpected brand of comedy has finally brought women-being-disrespected to light. Also, did you know that women should tell prospective rapists that they’re menstruating in order to avoid being assaulted?

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2 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane slammed for lame jokes about women. Whitney Cummings remains unscathed.”

  1. People truly missed the point of that satirical song. He was commenting on how women’s bodies are Hollywood toys while men’s are not for the most part. If they bothered to get the point instead of just harping on it, they would have appreciated the humor. I thought he did a good job. The Oscars are about Hollywood. They try to make them glamorous and high society, but in fact, they are a bunch of performers just boosting their own egos in expensive dresses. What was truly offensive: the signature drink whose rim was dipped in 10K gold. Now that is offensive!

  2. At least the men are just admiring the body parts they like, while Joan Rivers and company are attacking the parts they hate. Who is more misogynistic?

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