The body doesn’t lie. It gets laid

Body language can tell you a lot of what humans will often conceal.

If I were to interpret the picture below of Hugh Hefner’s young 26-year old bride, Crystal Harris, showing some apparent reluctance to be overly affectionate with her 86-year old Playboy mogul, I don’t think I would be too far off the mark to hear something like, “I do what I have to do to live the life I want.”



Hefner’s body language on the other hand seems to be telling us what Mel Brooks pointed out in History of the World Part I“It’s good to be the king”.

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5 thoughts on “The body doesn’t lie. It gets laid”

  1. Can I say that sometimes it is probably good to be the queen for so many reasons. We should all get at least one day to say that. I love Mel Brooks and this movie makes me howl. Thanks for the laugh Larry!

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