Thursday is Teacher Day!

By: Sonny Abesamis

I found myself browsing in the Pepperidge Farm Store drooling over their display of  Milano cookies.  Above the packed shelf was a sign:  Thursday is Teacher Day – get 10 % off your purchase.  This intrigued me.  They had other profession specials for the week too.  Monday was police officer day; Tuesday was Senior Citizen Day which is funny because last I looked being a senior citizen was not a profession; Wednesday and Friday were booked up too with military discounts or nurses or something else, but nowhere was there a day for writers.

I find this offensive. To be honest, if we didn’t put down words for others to read, none of these professions would have anything to do –even the senior citizens would be bored.  Let me take this one step further. Where is Engineer/IT person Day?  They are never listed either.  If they weren’t around, none of our “conveniences” would be around to make life easier. No computers, cars — well, you get the idea.

I don’t begrudge teachers or anyone else a special day, but I think these days should be on a revolving basis so that they  include all professions and occupations. This sounds petty, but my God,  Milano cookies are on the line. So, I am going to start a Pepperidge Farm Petition demanding that other professions and occupations  be allowed a special discount on specific days.  Do I fear backlash from the Teachers’ Union?  NO!  My kid is done with college and employed so I have no worries about her getting the evil eye from teachers she might encounter.  Do I fear backlash from the Senior Citizens’ camp?  Absolutely. They are a tough crowd especially when one has to share a road with them.  Piss them off and they will try and beat you to a parking space by revving up their engines to go 15 MPH. Very few people—including the police understand what a dangerous bunch they are.

I am usually not such a rabble rouser, but Milano cookies feed the fire in me.  Where these treats are concerned, one has to take a stand for liberty and justice for all those who work to build this country and make it a better place to live.  I will be happy to put my writing where my mouth is and develop a calendar that would include all walks of life.  Maybe Pepperidge Farm would hire me as a marketing consultant. I don’t need benefits—just free cookies.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday is Teacher Day!”

  1. I agree Donna! Why not Writers with Bad Eyesight in Need of a Sugar Fix Day! That’s worth at least 20% off!! LOL

  2. Don Dons, I think of you as a teacher of all that is good in this world so you walk in there with you head held high, buy some of those damn fine cookies and don’t forget to send me some! Bill Y thanks you in advance!

    1. Why Thank you Bill Y, but I don’t think the seniors think that way. I think when I do reach that age, they will vote to have me snuffed out. 🙂

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