When Political Correctness Goes Crazy

By: Denna Jones

In another example of political correctness gone mad, the city of Seattle is asking government employees to refrain from using the term “brown bag lunch” and “citizen” in any email, memo, conversation, etc.  Apparently, both terms might be associated with racism or elitism.  So, if we are going to be offended by every freaking phrase in this country, I think we need to do away with many other terms such as “White Chocolate” because that could be offensive to anyone who has skin and even “Senioritis” because while most normal people associate this condition with one’s inability to focus on academics during the last semester of high school or college, others might see it as a fear of old people…oops…I mean the elderly… oops…I mean those over 65 years of age…oops…I mean those retired…oops…I mean those who are still vibrant but not working for wages anymore—ugh!!!!!

I have an idea. While we are waiting to see who else can be offended by any words we speak, let’s ban all communication whatsoever.  “Silence is Golden” as they say, unless that sounds elitist. If so, “Silence is a Metal Mixture That Does Not Connote Wealth But is Still Cherished by Most of the Human Population”.  I have a feeling that wise old sayings are also probably on the way out.

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9 thoughts on “When Political Correctness Goes Crazy”

  1. I am also annoyed by White Chocolate, but not for the reasons you suggest — it doesn’t have any chocolate taste!

    It’s like red licorice, which doesn’t have any licorice flavor (because its cherry or strawberry candy in the form of a licorice (need I say “Black” licorice) stick.

  2. Jeez, and while we’re at it lets ban the phrase, “I’ve got the blues” as it may offend the Blue Man Group, lol!

      1. Just as well George Orwell is not around to email a draft of 1984! Every second word would be “citizen”!

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