Awesome Invention Idea #712


In the news lately I’ve seen a number of pictures like the one above. Something really stands out, and it not the fact that a guy hoping to avoid getting shot is wearing a bright yellow shirt better suited to staying safe during a bicycle commute.

No, it’s the ski mask that really grabs your attention. This guy is standing in a very hot place, valiantly fighting against people who probably share his same religion and nationality. Yet, he’s wearing an old-school ski mask likely made from wool or a cotton that is so rough that the GAP doesn’t want it for its socks. And if you’ve ever wore one of these things, perhaps to rob a bank or house, you know how damn itchy they are.

Itchy. Scratchy. Hot. And you know that mask doesn’t wick moisture worth a damn. And peripheral vision? Forget it. Having to turn your head every time you want to see something at your side is a drag — it’s like when you sleep on your pillow wrong and wake up with a totally sore neck.

So it’s time to invent a super-light ski mask with excellent peripheral vision. Maybe it could be fashioned from micro fleece with a bunch of little holes to provide some air flow. You could call it the Gee-Hot Mask.

Feel free to steal my idea. I’m not gonna follow through on it. I’m too busy thinking about how that guy in the picture reminds me of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse.

Totally sexy. Like my newest invention.

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4 thoughts on “Awesome Invention Idea #712”

  1. This could be the greatest boon to the criminal population since the invention of the Tommy gun.

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