But you didn’t have to cut me off!!!

Well this has never happened before. The entire collective is in agreement. Bill Y, Jill Y, our imaginary son and daughter, Thirsty Dave, Scurvy Jane and Sugartastic Daddy John all have the same favorite song. None of us actually know the name of the song but we constantly sing the chorus:


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10 thoughts on “But you didn’t have to cut me off!!!”

  1. Can I come and live in your house? I love to hang around with imaginary people and eccentrics, not necessarily in that order.

    1. They don’t allow us play with other people and they’re right too. Nobody deserves a punishment like that!

  2. Do I get to meet this strange yet entertaining household when I come to Dublin? Wait a minute, I’m the one who writes for a horse, which also might qualify as strange and entertaining– at least to fellow horses. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately the Witness Protection Programme doesn’t allow us to play with other people but hey, when you come to Dublin, be sure to ask after Thiirsty Dave in any establishment that has an alcohol license! 😉

    1. It’s always Pun Friday, Tom. As I said to the world last night, just before I slept “Good knife and sweet dreams!”

  3. I happy your family is in total agreement of something. Never happens in my family.

    1. That’s because we’ve a finely delicate mix of real and imaginary people!

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