Doctor Who and the dry humor

Matt Smith came to my house to help figure out why my clothes dryer isn’t running—he even used his sonic screwdriver on it. He discovered it is indeed getting supplied with power … but it still doesn’t work. It’s like the Federal government of dryers.

Maybe I should have called Peter Capaldi?

Okay, not the same Matt Smith. Seriously, it was nice of this Matt to confirm the problem wasn’t with the plug, and now I’m going to start my own Kickstarter type program: When I sell $350 worth of books, I buy a new dryer. It’ll work until everyone figures out I have to buy a new dryer … whether I make any sales or not.

Sadly, he didn't bring a companion.
Sadly, he didn’t bring a companion.
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6 thoughts on “Doctor Who and the dry humor”

    1. Yes, it was nice to get a house call … and from someone who knew what he was talking about, too. We’re on the fire department together, so it’s a brother helps brother thing.

  1. Or could time travel in the TARDIS, get your drier when it was new and bring it into the present?? Just a Whovian thought . . .

    1. Hm … and it would be just a 20 year trip … and I might be able to meet Amy Pond … or maybe I could meet Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, since I sent her off with The Doctor in my last fanfiction.

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