An After Christmas Ritual

(Bonus points if you can identify all the TV shows referenced.)              Santa Claus had this ritual, one he followed every year after he finished delivering gifts for all those little boys and girls. […]

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Chicken Banh Mi and Van Gogh, potato painter


Vietnamese Entree CHICKEN BANH MI INGREDIENTS 4 8″ baguettes (not overly cripsy) 3 medium carrots ¼ pound daikon 3 tablespoons sugar ½ cup rice vinegar 2 Thai red chiles or jalapeños 1 tablespoon lime juice […]

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N’Ode to a Spider or How Two Political Parties and the TARDIS Joined Forces

A few days ago I was bitten on the side of the neck by a spider.   It became inflamed and warranted a trip to the local medical facility.  It also infected the lymph node behind […]

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