Forced To Choose Between A Wedding And Football? No More.


The other day I read an article on how college football poses a dilemma for brides and grooms in states where college football reigns supreme. Apparently, scheduling a Saturday wedding between August and December is dicey because you risk competing against a TV for your guests’ attention. Nothing tells you you’re surrounded by loving friends and family quite like a reply to your wedding invite that reads “Sorry, the Gators are playing that day.”

To deal with this, some couples have TVs playing the big game at their wedding reception. Others apparently roll with guests wearing earbuds that allow them to listen to the game while the ceremony proceeds. I didn’t read this, but another classy approach would be to have a guy walk up and down the aisle shouting “Peanuts!Popcorn!” so guests would feel like they’re at the game.

Perhaps you’re engaged and are struggling with this dilemma. You don’t like any of the options listed above. Well, you’re lucky to be reading this, because there’s a far easier way to handle the challenge:

Push your college to organize group-weddings at half-time. You, your future husband, and twenty-nine other couples huddle in the middle of the field for the ceremony. This solves the competition problem because your friends and family are already there, sitting in the stands. And for that extra-special touch, have the home-team mascot perform the service.

Just picture the fun. A guy in a giant furry beaver suit performing the ceremony? A bunch of drunk fans screaming “Don’t do it, dude!!” when the mascot leans into the mike and says “Do you take this woman to be…?” Thirty couples running hand-in-hand onto the field after blasting through a paper logo of your favorite team?

Most weddings feel largely the same. Totally boilerplate. But my approach is how those extra-special memories that last forever will be made.

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6 thoughts on “Forced To Choose Between A Wedding And Football? No More.”

  1. I might be thinking outside “the box” – please applaud this reference to television but the bride and groom should surround themselves with a few hundred televisions? No? Ok then.

  2. Hmm … The reception could be a tailgate party! Hey, why not? It’s probably cheaper than renting a hall!

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