Google Directions

By: puatron

A Southwest airliner going from Chicago to Branson, Missouri accidentally landed at the wrong airport on a runway that was only half as long as the intended runway at the intended airport. Fortunately, all passengers and crew are fine. When asked about the landing direction mishap, the pilot said, “We switched to Google Maps.”

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6 thoughts on “Google Directions”

  1. All this talk makes me thankful that I don’t drive a car anymore. I can sit back and let someone else find the way to where we’re going.

    The only exception is when I am in a car with a driver who doesn’t know the way and at least one other passenger who is directionally challenged but who is insisting on sending us in the wrong direction. I am very good at maps and directions, so in that case I will take over and, hopefully, outshout and overpower everyone who disagrees with me. 😉

    1. I know you are kidding LB, but I still do use mapquest. Old habits die hard and the dumb lady on my iPhone doesn’t always speak out loud with her directions.

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