HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Thomas Drinkard and Charles Kahlenberg

This week I had the honor of welcoming one of my favorite writers, Thomas Drinkard and a truly talented actor/musician Charles Kahlenberg, who did the narration for the audio version of Tom’s book Overload. If you are an author who is just becoming interested in producing an audio book or a book lover,  who has come to depend on the convenience of audio books, this is the show to listen to.  I also loved their stories of their writing and acting experiences.

Tom DrinkardThomas Drinkard, who hails from Alabama, is a former Green Beret soldier and former teacher/writer for securities exam prep. He is now full-time author and freelance editor. Tom is the author of so many fine thrillers which include Devil’s Blade, Where There Were Innocents, The V Troooper series and Piety and Murder. He is also an accomplished poet and his work can be found on his blog Pinnacle Writing. You can follow Tom on Twitter at @ThomasDrinkard



Charles KahlenbergCharles Kahlenberg was born in Madison, Wisconsin and raised in Sarasota, Florida. He received his undergraduate degree from St.Olaf College, (B.A. – English) in Minnesota. He received his graduate degree from Pepperdine University, (M.B.A.) in Malibu, California. In addition to his acting career, he is a composer and singer-songwriter, and artist. A number of his paintings are owned by collectors in California, Florida, Texas, and Kansas.   Some of his more popular performances include roles in the film Wedding Crashers and TV shows including Seinfeld, Cold Case, ER, Diagnosis Murder and so many more.   We will be having this dynamic duo back on the show after the holidays. I could have talked for hours with them!  Click on the link below to hear the show

Thomas Drinkard and Charles Kahlenberg

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