I should never have bought that fish.

When the sound of Bon Jovi can no longer be heard and my time has come to leave this world, I will look back with a single regret.

I should never have bought that fish:


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14 thoughts on “I should never have bought that fish.”

  1. Maybe the fish is just lonely. Why not buy him a mate, then let them produce a lot of little killer fishies. They can all mate with each other, fill the aquarium, and eat each other for food. It’s a win-win situation.

    1. i love the way you can think things through to conclusion Kathy. I was thinking of poison myself but that’s nowhere near as cool as your idea!

  2. My son and I ‘did fish’ once…spending a ridiculous amount of money to house little things that die at the drop of a hat.(I’m wondering if you live anywhere near us and your gourami went on murderous sprees at night?)

    1. No way and I have countless people that will back me up on this in a court of law. I will not be dragged into another one of these. 17 times is enough for anyone to have to go through! 😉

    1. It certainly does. Can you imagine the damage it could do if it was the size of Jaws?

    1. I like this idea a lot and Deb does too. It’s decided then – the flush it is!

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