It’s A Family Affair! Kathy Garver Shares Her “Cissy” Memories

nancy_whine_at_9HO 21She portrayed one of the most cheerful and cutest teenagers on prime time, so when I had the opportunity to chat with Family Affair’s (1966-1971) Kathy Garver for my podcast Whine At 9, I was excited to get the backstory. The accomplished actress and prolific voice over artist is as charming and upbeat as her alter ego Cissy. From Uncle Bill and Mr. French to Buffy and Jody and life beyond the beloved sitcom, we covered plenty of fascinating topics. Listen to the conversation on iTunes, here on Stitcher Radio, or on Whine At 9.

Teaser: At the age of 6, Kathy Garver was cast as a slave girl in an epic film that continues to get significant air time every year.

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