It’s A Small World . . . you know the rest.

It’s a small world after all . . . repeat, repeat, repeat, agggggggggh!!

Today is the 50th Anniversary of that infectious song, It’s a Small World. For most of the world the song brings a smile to your face or an ache in your head. In celebration, this famous earworm will be simultaneously sung by choirs all over the world.  On the down side of this celebration,  it took us 50-years to get the song out of our head and today it will now be eternally embedded in multiple languages. Thanks a %$#@&5@ lot Disney!

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12 thoughts on “It’s A Small World . . . you know the rest.”

  1. Haaa.. I am one of the very few people that like that song!!! But then again, I am a Barry Manilow fan too! I have spent many times irritating my kids by singing it over and over!

    1. John, it’s mandatory if you like the song that you torture others with it, bravo! 😉

  2. My dad took me and my family to Disney world when our kids were small. He went everywhere with us until we got close to THAT ride. Then he said he would wait for us while we rode the ride. It didn’t take long to see why!

  3. Have you ever heard the Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck Song?

    That’s going to be the subject of my next post!

    1. Yes Kathy I have, but at least there is the reward of ice cream at the end of that horrid music, lol!

  4. I remember it like it was…um..forty-one years ago. There I was…sitting in a boat, floating through Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World.” I was maybe eight years old. I can’t see my mom in the nightmare, but I can hear her shrill soprano singing, “IT’S A SMALL SMALL WORLD!” And I feel her poking me in the back and yelling in between verses, “COME ON, SING IT WITH ME!”

    All the small things in the small world are dancing around singing at me, “It’s a small world after’s a small, small world!”

    Everything’s really small and way too happy.

    Thankfully everything fades to black and I wake up at a kegger in high school. I’m sprawled out on someone’s lawn, drunk, mumble-singing that damn song.

    1. Mike I think Disney is offering extensive counseling for those of us who have had that same experience. 😉

  5. Can’t say I know the song but I digress, I’m trying to decide if I hate Disney more than Disneyworld Paris. Any help would be helpful.

    1. Both are shameless tourist traps, but the Disney World song, It’s a Small World will have you gnawing your own ears off. I know, I’ve tried.

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