Miracle At Fred Meyers


It took me a long time to believe in the existence of miracles and God. I grew up going to a Catholic Church. And there’s no better vehicle for discrediting God in the eyes of young people than the Catholic Church (or any other organized religion for that matter).

A few weeks ago I went to Fred Meyers. I wanted to pick up a particular brand of orange-mango juice that my wife had bought earlier. So I walked into the store and started looking. I didn’t find it near the breakfast goods. So I tried a number of other seemingly logical spots, all to no avail.

I sighed, realizing it was time to “serpentine.” Perhaps you’ve done this. You start in Aisle 1 and painstakingly check out the left side of the entire aisle. At the end, you pivot and go back down the right side. Then you move onto Aisle 2. And you keep going, employing a process of elimination, until you’ve viewed all possible hiding places for your item.

I got up to Aisle 4, which was mostly school supplies. Maybe it’d be here since kids needing pencils also drink juice. I walked slowly past notebooks and pens and One Direction binders.

And then I saw it.

Sitting on a shelf next to the Bic pens was a single bottle of juice. It was the brand I was looking for, but strawberry-mango flavored instead of orange-mango. I looked up and down the aisle and saw no other food items, just the one bottle of juice.

It was my burning bush. So I grabbed the bottle and headed for the checkout line, no questions asked. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t gonna look a gift miracle in the mouth. When the Bible talks about Jesus pulling off his loaves-and-fishes maneuver, no one responds by saying “Thanks for the bread, but I’m gluten intolerant.” Nobody sends back the fish because they only eat white fish.”

Finding something at Fred Meyers is as hard as parting the Red Sea. It requires Divine Intervention. This was truly a miracle.

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8 thoughts on “Miracle At Fred Meyers”

  1. I don’t believe in the God dude myself, I know it’s not kool but if God exists, them why does he put a smaller amount of potato chops in the multi-pack than he does in the individual packs? You can see how I arrived at wherever I am!

  2. You should write a script for the Hallmark Channel and call it “The Strawberry-Mango Miracle.” It would become a classic!

  3. If that bottle were shaped like the Virgin Mary you would be on Good Morning America. Amazing that this happened to you! You must have been called…I don’t know to what but to something

  4. Somewhere there is a shopper at Fred Myers who decided they didn’t want the bottle of juice and left it in the school supply aisle rather than take it back to where they got it from who is now guilty of creating a faux miracle in someone’s eyes. 😉

  5. Clearly you experienced Divine intervention. If you’d have left that bottle there, you’d have screwed yourself out of any other miracle that was coming your way. Good call grabbing it up.

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